Hall Seniors

Hall Seniors are students who have already lived in Imperial halls, chosen by the wardening team to carry out various roles to keep the hall going and are here to make you feel welcome.


Hello, I am Harjay. I'm a 2nd year Physics student. I'll be the hall senior for LG this year. Last year I lived in Gabor with the same floor and same room. Having moved into halls last year I know how it may feel unfamiliar at first but you'll soon be comfortable so do ask if there's anything you need help with.


Hello everyone and welcome to Gabor! I'm Joseph, a fourth-year chemical engineering student and I'll be the senior on ground floor this year. When I'm not designing reactors, I enjoy football (apologies for any noise when Newcastle concede) and politics. This is my fourth year in Gabor so I’ve become pretty passionate about ensuring this remains (unofficially) the best hall at Imperial. I've had the most amazing time here so far and I'm determined to make your first year as exciting and memorable as possible. If you ever need a chat or any help though, please feel free to reach out to me with any problems or questions you have, and I'll do everything I can to get them solved. Look forward to welcoming you all as the next cohort of Gaborians!


Hey everyone, my name is Neiil. I’m from Scotland and was born in India. I’m in my final year of Aeronautical Engineering. Fun fact, I have lived in Linstead, Wilkinson and Gabor Halls (Gabor is the best hall by far – trust me!). I love to travel and to listen to different music from all over the world (if you have any recommendations please hit me up). I absolutely love to explore and learn about different cultures. “The world is a book, those who don’t travel read only a page”. This is going to be one of the best years of your life and it’s going to be in THE BEST CITY in the world. I hope I can help make it even better for you. Please feel free to chap my door if you ever need a chat or want to listen to some dope music.


Hi, I am Junrui Wang but you can call me Jeric if you like. At the beginning of this term, I will be on my 3rd year of mathematics with statistics. I live on the first floor and I like playing the guitar, basketball, ping pang. If anyone who shares the same interest and you want to find someone to play with, please find me!


Howdy freshers, congratulations on getting into Imperial! I'm Ambika (she/her), a 3rd Year Molecular Bioengineering student from India. We find ourselves in uncertain times but thanks to technology, we would still be able to vibe together, through some wholesome drawing events (have a blast producing those wild shapes) and games that turn people against each other! If someone quoting vines/Jane Austen/John Mulaney while they drag you around London's bookstores and cutesy cafes sounds like your kind of thing, or if you're more into staying in and singing Disney tunes in the kitchen (thanks, alcohol), text me or knock on my door (345). Once again, welcome to Gabor, and I can't wait to see/meet y'all soon ❤️


Hey guys! I’m Miguel Angel. I come from Granada, a city in the south of Spain and do biomedical engineering. I like anything related to mountains: hiking, skiing, climbing... However, when I’m here in London, I do other stuff like powerlifting, reading, and writing. Music is also a big part of me! I love all sorts, any genre, you name it. Feel free to hit me up for a chat. TIP: I will instantly like you if you start talking about the film ‘Frozen’.