Arrivals Information

Getting started at Gabor

Arrivals Period

As part of the safety measures Imperial College has introduced in response to COVID-19, we have staggered arrivals over a two-week period. Whilst you can arrive anytime over these two weeks at no additional cost, we are asking that you only book to arrive on Saturday 19 or Sunday 20 if you are travelling from a destination where you are required or self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.

For more information about booking your arrival slot and self-isolating in halls, please visit Moving into Halls.

Pre-arrivals: checklist

  • Check the Imperial self-isolation information page to understand the requirements for moving into halls
  • Ensure you bring an ethernet cable for your laptop or PC - having fast stable internet will be essential when attending lectures online.
  • Pack a supply of personal face masks. These are now readily available from local supermarkets, but you should ensure you have some for when you arrive at halls.
  • Register on eHalls

What to do when you arrive

  • Please only arrive during your pre-booked arrivals slot.
  • Please ensure that you bring a face-mask with you and that you wear it upon arrival.
  • You may have up to 1 additional person with you to help you move in.
  • Your College ID card and keys will be collected from the reception area on the ground floor of Gabor Hall.
  • When you arrive there may be a queue. College staff will ensure that the queue is safely socially distanced. Please help in this regard by remembering to maintain at least 2m separation from other people who may be queuing with you.
  • Please be patient and bear with us. The arrivals process may be slow during this time as we ensure the check-in process is safe for everyone.
  • Once you have collected your swipe card and keys you will be directed to your room.

What to do after you are checked-in

  • Get your devices connected to the halls WiFi and/or wired ethernet connection. Using an ethernet cable is strongly advised as you will benefit from a faster and more stable internet connection.
  • Download and install Microsoft Teams app. You will need it for your lectures and many of the halls events and information sessions will be delivered via MS Teams. Check the College guide to using teams for further information.
  • Register on eHalls if you didn't already.
  • Register with the Imperial College Health Centre using their online registration form
  • Download and install the Life in Halls app
  • Check your emails for invites to MS Teams meetings from halls and academic departments
  • In halls we will be running a wide variety of virtual meetups to help residents get to know each other. The meetups will be scheduled through MS Teams.