The Hall Committee

What is the Hall Committee?

The Hall Committee manages the Halls’ events budget and plans all social aspects of the Hall. The Hall Committee Meeting (HCM) is held every 2 weeks during term-time.

Where does the event budget come from?

A fixed amount of your weekly rent is contributed by the College to the Hall Amenities Fund, for the provision of social events throughout the year. The weekly provision for 2019-2020 was £2 per week. The provision for 2020-2021 is not yet released, but it is not expected to increase.

Who attends the HCM?

Attendance of the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Hall Seniors, and Wardening Team shall be expected, plus ideally at least one representative from each floor. Decisions must be in keeping with the law, College Regulations and Gabor Hall Rules and must not exceed the Hall’s amenities budget.

What provisions are there for HCMs during Covid-19 restrictions?

We shall hold HCMs online using the MS Teams app. Ensure you have it setup to participate. If you do not have access to a working installation of MS Teams, or you are unable to use MS Teams please email and a member of the wardening team will assist you with participation at HCMs.

How do I join the Hall Committee?

We will hold elections to the Hall Committee after the first two weeks of term. Details of the election format to be announced.

I wasn’t voted onto the committee. Can I still attend the meetings?

Every resident of Gabor Hall is a member of the Committee and may attend, speak and vote at meetings. We have nominated representatives from each floor to ensure there is representation for each floor at the meetings, but all citizens of Gabor are welcome at meetings and have voting rights.

Where do I view the minutes of previous meetings?

We will be creating a repository of previous meeting minutes as they are held.

Hall Committee Membership for 2020-2021

Position Person(s)
Wardens Simon (Warden), Hannah (Subwarden), Jasmin (Subwarden), Lorna (Subwarden)
Seniors Ambika Bharadwaj, Harjay Bajwa, Joseph Davidson, Junrui Wang, Miguel Caro Escribano, Neiil Pillai
Chair Joseph Davidson (Senior)
Treasurer Ambika Bharadwaj (Senior)
Secretary Junrui Wang (Senior)
Lower Ground TBD
Basement TBD
Ground TBD
Mezzanine TBD
First TBD
Second TBD
Third TBD
Fourth TBD
Fifth TBD